Cracker Style Pizza

Guys, I want to educate you on the condition known as “hanger”. I am not particularly fond of the term because I find it misleading. Despite being accused of having it over the years, I rarely find myself actually angry while hungry. Instead I tend to either get (1) weepy (mostly over small things like the carpet being so soft) or (2) distracted… and yes, sometimes I am rage filled, but hey if it gets food inside of my body not sure I can complain.

I like to say that I often eat dysfunctional meals. It isn’t particularly healthy or unhealthy, but rather the recipes have been developed through many years and tears such that they don’t fail and put food on the table fast (i.e. they are designed to be made when the maker is feeling particularly dysfunctional). I would hesitate to say this is the way to feed a family, but as a lady who lives on her own in a studio apartment it’s perfect.

cracker pizza 2cracker pizza

Stay tuned for more dysfunctional meals!

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