5 Questions you can never answer as a twenty – something.

  1. When are you getting married?
  2. When are you having kids?
  3. What job are you aiming for/working toward?
  4. Have you changed your air filters? M., I told you a month ago to change the air filters? Did you talk to your building manager about the air filters?
  5. What are you having for breakfast tomorrow?

While undoubtedly each probably deserves a deep analysis of the various archetypal answers and their pros and cons, I’m mostly going to discuss food. It’s 11PM and I don’t know the answer to this question which is driving me crazy.

Breakfast is very important to me. Breakfast is part of my soul. Do you know why? Yeah, I don’t either. Perhaps it is the ritual surrounding breakfast that is very soothing to me. Perhaps it’s just the concept of a new beginnings. Or maybe it’s some combination of hormones and science that makes my brain think so.

There are a few different strategies for breakfast that I’ve observed (completely unscientifically):

  1. I don’t believe in breakfast-er. Cool story, bro.
  2. Plan ahead-er: makes overnight oats or boils eggs. Clearly is wise and put together.
  3. The grabber-and-runner: Has 3 different boxes of pop-tarts, but the brown-sugar box is empty. Substitute pop-tarts with Nature valley, Kind bars, or (my current favorite) Rx bars.
  4. The fresh foodie: Somehow manages to make a full breakfast most of the time. You assume they wake up at 4AM every morning so they can break their bread in time. You also assume that have rapid charge batteries like your iPhone6s because HOW?? DO YOU NOT NEED SLEEP??? THEY ARE DEFINITELY A ROBOT LIVING AMONG MAN.

These obviously represent extremes on the triangles. I think most people are a combination of all these things. I probably lean toward the fresh foodie because I love breakfast and sometimes making something hot or fresh doesn’t take too long if you do just a little planning.

Some breakfasts I make on a regular basis classified by the amount of time I have:

Little time

  1. Toast + nut butter (I go through phases where I like bread and don’t want bread). I can’t eat peanut butter anymore, but cashew butter is actually pretty good– I like it a bit more than almond butter. The Jif cashew butter is super easy to spread, tastes good, and is somewhat reasonably priced. However, I didn’t realize until after I bought it that it contains hydrogenated oils so I will be on the search for a different  brand 😦
  2. Nothing – may as well eat the classic 10:30AM lunch
  3. leftovers from the previous night
  4. Waffles (if the batter is already made. I make both sweet and savory waffles!)

Moderate time

  1. eggs + tortilla = breakfast quesadilla (I’m not clear where I got this name, but I read it somewhere initially and can’t find it). Truly delicious if you have some pesto laying about.
  2. a weirdly delicious creamy scrambled egg
  3. 2 eggs + a banana sliced + coconut butter (to be eaten with the banana)
  4. an sweet (but filling and nutritious) smoothie.
  5. yogurt with toasted quinoa, dates, and almonds (finished with olive oil)

I’m feeling lucky with traffic/don’t need to be there early (will take 15-20 min)

  1. dosa (recipe at a later time)
  2. biscuits + whatever toppings I feel like. I’m still on the hunt for a good biscuit recipe.
  3. muffins. I had to be on a very specific diet some time ago that didn’t allow wheat. I initially really struggled because I couldn’t eat my standard peanut butter + toast. Then I discovered the wonders of gluten free muffins! So easy, so tasty, so fun! Sadly my favorite muffin website has been taken down (curse me for not writing down the recipes), but here is one I’ve enjoyed in the past.
  4. hash browns. You can make with potatoes as per tradition, but you can also grate in half a potato + some squash (same method of prep) to make it more *interesting*.

In addition to a light-up alarm clock, knowing you  have something delicious to look forward to really makes getting out of bed easier!

As a side note, I’m a 3 meals a day type person so I struggle to eat just a bar for breakfast because I hate being hungry at 10AM and I (1) never carry snacks (2) don’t like most traditional snack food. My body just burns through most bars/a small piece of fruit, but I know eating small meals works for lots of people. No worries, I’m not hating on anyone.

Also, sugar in the morning? Are you insane? Probably. Weirdly, I find that if I eat a filling meal that is sweet (see breakfast oatmeal smoothie, a muffin (lots of fiber) or even a slice of pie) I tend to not crave sweet throughout the day. I find it feels much more decadent than it really is, but perhaps that is just me.

Now back to the question at hand: what should I eat for breakfast tomorrow?

After some panicking, I’ve decided to try something new! Going for some chia pudding. Basing my version off this one by Howsweeteats!

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