The Cleveland Donut Quest: The Quest of Quests


The Cleveland Donut Quest
One day I woke up and decided I needed to find the best donut in Cleveland. It’s a bit of a useless endeavor certain to lead to an increased risk of heart disease rather than joy. To be honest, I don’t even like donuts all that much which probably makes my review of donuts entirely useless. My boyfriend(W.)  was rather confused/tried to object when I dragged him out in the morning to go to a donut place, but grew to understand that I was completely insane and it was best that he just went along with it.

I, also, tried different donuts depending on what was available/my mood which means that I won’t be able to give you an appropriate comparison anyway. BUT PERHAPS THIS WILL HELP SOMEONE. Or at the very least give you some more places to experience.

Ranking order of donuts I like: sour cream donuts, powdered sugar donuts, sprinkle donuts, glazed donuts

donut map

Current list
Daylight Donuts
Donut: Sour cream donut
Thoughts: I very much enjoyed this donut. It was sweet, but not cloying. I wanted more of a cake-y texture and this hit the spot. It was also reasonably priced and they had places to work, get coffee, and had some other food. Worth a visit for an all around good donut place.

*note that this isn’t a local Cleveland place! I just discovered it is a chain which kind of breaks the rules of the game, but I still thought I would leave it on the list since this chain doesn’t seem to be as ubiquitous as Dunkin.
Jack Frost
Donut: Sour cream donuts.
Thoughts: Way too sweet. W. ate his, but also felt they were a bit too cloying. .They also put frosting on many of their donuts as opposed to glaze which somehow just pained me to the core of my being. Their donuts are appropriately sized and if you like more of a dessert vibe I could see this being enjoyable. They also didn’t have filled donuts that I saw—instead they would put the jelly etc on top +/- frosting.

Donut: Classic glazed, chocolate sprinkle
Thoughts: It’s like walking into the 80’s the minute you enter the place. It’s open late (11PM) which is awesome! I got the classic glazed donut and I kind of had the same problem with it being kind of like a giant piece of lightly sweetened toast. W. got the chocolate sprinkles donut which he enjoyed. I wouldn’t mind trying this place again. Their filled donuts looked quite delicious. I did like the donut more than Brewnuts.

Donut: Strawberry Sprinkle
Thoughts: I enjoyed the vibe of this place! No idea how the beer is, but it was cute! The donuts are GIANT, but I found them to be a bit bread-y and not overly sweet (which honestly was kind of nice—it was like eating a giant soft piece of toast), but at the same time I felt kind of like I wasn’t eating a donut. W. was not into his donut at all (he had chocolate chip + heath+ peanut butter drizzle). They had some interesting menu options like vegan mango lime donut and a donut topped with fruity pebbles. I had friends who really really loved the donuts from here, but I’m just not a fan of the over the top desserts in general so this was perhaps a poor choice for me in general.

Until next time!
Places to visit:
Corbos – eh, not sure I’ll try a donut there since it isn’t their specialty.
Peace, Love and Little Donuts of Westpark
Royal Donuts

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