Date Night| A post for you and your Human

I have actually never been one for an official “date night”. Something about the title always brings visions of hours of hair and makeup and lying about who you are to make the person on the other side of the table like you. As a hot young thing, I was really into inviting people out for a happy hour drink. If it was going well, it was easy to convert that into dinner or something else and if it wasn’t fun it was easy to end things. In retrospect, I wonder if the ambiguity bothered the people I invited.

While I still love going out for a drink with people, here are some other ideas I’ve done and enjoyed or people have shared with me. This is organized by the amount of pants and money required.

Requires: Pants, money (Effort High)

  1. Haunted House (Seasonal): Nothing says let’s experience something new together like Halloween. I don’t really like scary things, but I feel like with the right group of people this would be fun. Sadly I missed it this year as I went hiking instead (not the worst trade off)
  2. Go to a shooting range. As someone who didn’t grow up with guns or the like, I saw a groupon for a beginner lesson and dragged my boyfriend for Valentines Day along with another 2 of our friends. It was great fun and I think gave me some perspective on what it’s like to use/own a firearm.
  3. Make something epic. Is there a cake or savory dish that you particular like (wings? pizza? dumplings? macaroons?). Make it from scratch.  Did you watch that video on making shoes from hot glue? DO IT. If you guys survive, you’ll probably have something to show for it.

Requires: Medium amount of pants

  1. Invite some friends over (not too many and people you both enjoy) and divide into teams. Come up with a few low bar contest like how tall of a tower can be made with sphetti and marshmallows and how fast can you vacuum a particular room. Losers have to buy dinner for the other team.
  2. Wander around an ethnic grocery store/new grocery store seeking new snacks. Bonus is that many ethnic food stores have eat in cafes which are often very delicious and cheap.

Requires: No pants, little/no additional money (Effort low)

  1. Listen to a podcast. Grab some wine/juice/cucumbers and lay on the couch together! I think it’s slightly more chill and a nice break for the eyes if you are someone who spends a lot of their day on the computer. It’s also nice if you like sketching, decorating (cookies! cake!), crocheting, or building legos. It can also be nice to hang out and do something with your human without having to necessarily make conversation every moment, but also not be sitting in total silence. Here are some one shot podcasts that I think both create discussion and are perfect to listen to with someone else
    1. Radiolab’s episode on football. A very good listen. Even for a non sports fan like me. It talks more about the history of the game and Native American culture.
    2. Hardcore History episode on the Prophet of Doom. Lots of drama and just a crazy story. (Description from website). Murderous millennial preachers and prophets take over the German city of Munster after Martin Luther unleashes a Pandora’s Box of religious anarchy with the Protestant Reformation.


    3. Dr. Death. The story of a Neurosurgeon who somehow was so incompetent he landed nearly everyone he operated back in the hospital or dead. I think this was a pretty interesting (and true) story especially if you like medical thrillers this is for you. I will say that the people who put this podcast together often make things more dramatic than I think they should be which grated on me a bit.
  2. Listen to songs from your childhood and chat about what it reminds you of.
  3. Bandersnatch (Black Mirror) on Netflix was a super interesting experience being a choose your own adventure show where you make decisions as to what the character should do. Perhaps I’m the last person to hear about this.
    1. Speaking of other things you can watch, this episode of SB Nation about the 1904 St. Louis Olympic marathon was crazy and interesting. You can’t not talk about it after.
  4. Stand very,very close to your human partner and don’t say anything. Follow them everywhere. When they ask you what is wrong or why you are so close, just tell them you like the way they smell. If they go to the bathroom, stand outside the door and run your fingernails on it to create a slight scratching noise. Continue to do this until one of you can’t stop laughing. I will say this is probably way more fun for one person, but some dates are like that, no?

No matter what kind of person your Human is, I’m sure spending more time with them is nice! And it you don’t want to spend more time with your Human, consider upgrading your Human for one with an Entertainment mode.


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